Outfits for school don't always get to be the most fun. There's usually not much time or creativity Monday morning at 7:30 AM, at least not for me. That's why I always try to pile on jewelry when I have off days like that like on the pictures above. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hi.

See you soon! Kisses

Knuckle ring - Josephine Bergsøe, middle finger ring - a heirloom, gold wristlet - Julie Sandlau, leather wristlet - Balenciaga



PicMonkey Collage

Best thing about having stylish friends? Stealing from their wardrobe! Borrowed this super cool, raw Givenchy rottweiler tote from Nanna in temporary exhange for my Wood Wood army print tote. Can't wait to wear this bag in a rock chic outfit - black on black, lots of leather and a smokey eye. Currently I'm in my summer cottage where there's no internet, so this is a planned post for you guys!

See you soon!




The weather in Copenhagen is amazing today - the perfect occasion to pull out my leather jacket, that I have been dying to wear, today! Felt super spring-ish so I deciced to go with some fun blue on blue underneath the black leather. Also, the Zadig & Voltaire bag is really growing on me - love it more and more with time as it gets some patina! 
I spent all morning drinking coffee with Nanna, then lunch at my Dad's and later I did a little highstreet shopping. Bought a pair of boyfriend jeans that I'm still a bit hesitant about but can't wait to show you!

See you soon! Kisses

Leather jacket - IRO, sweater - Acne, jeans - secondhand, bag - Zadig & Voltaire, shoes - Adidas "ZX FLUX", sunnies - RayBan

OUTFIT 150414



I started my vacation-morning off right with a yoga class and then Vilma picked me up to drive to ARKEN Museum of Modern Art to see their Hundertwasser exhibit, and of course their permanent collection which is to die for. I highly recommend seeing Hundertwasser - getting to know more about his work was really interesting and inspiring. Anyway, this is what I wore. Kind of felt like my shirt's pattern/color-scheme matched the exhibition very well, haha. And by the way, I'm in light blue denim jeans for the first time in years which is something I'm not quite sure about. What are your take on the blue denim trend?

Shirt - Marc Jacobs, jeans - secondhand, cardigan - Acne, sneakers - Adidas "ZX FLUX", bag - Zadig & Voltaire




I love receiving packages by mail. LOVE it. And I love this dress by Helmut Lang that I got off The Outnet! It's made in the most delicate, textured, light-grey gauze fabric, a loose fit, big front pockets and a see-through part at the bottom. It's hanging in my closet untill May for my 18th birthday and school formal, and I simply can't wait to wear it! Anyways, I just wanted to show you. Have a nice Sunday!

See you soon! Kisses




It's finally vacation and the sun is shining. Today I'm going to see the Press photo of the year exhibition at The Royal Library with my dear Vilma and I'm excited! Wearing "new" old pinstripe button down shirt that I also got at a fleamarket. I think it's originally just from H&M! These kind of loose, laid-back shirts will definitely be a favorite in my Summer-wardrobe - super easy and effortlessly cool. The necklace from Maanesten is a favorite because it's so cute and subtle, but adds that little extra something to most outfits.

Hope you're having a great day. See you soon! Kisses




Today I'm wearing this over-the-top, vintage Nike t-shirt that says "You can run but you can't hide!". It's super old - I found it at a fleamarket and got it for like $2. Totally love it even though it's not what I'd usually wear.

Hope you're all safe and sound! See you soon, kisses



foto 52_effected3_effected

I have been dreading and awaiting the day I'd had to cut off that long hair, because it had gotten so worn out. Yesterday was the day and the result was as you can see above! It's silly calling this length short, but it's such a big change that it kind of feels that way. Personally I'm a fan! What do you think?




Snapshots from my quiet Saturday morning spent in the gym, cleaning up my room and getting some assignments done.

Picture 1) For a long time I haven't bothered to care about belts, but I refound the love for small, fun belts like these. Such an easy way to add a little pop of color, glitter or studs to any boring outfit. These two are both Miu Miu, the blue one I've had for years and is still my favorite! The other one is glitter and so festive and cute.

Picture 2) Currently trying to put the mess on my tabletops and shelves into boxes. Kind of love little treasure chests like these.

Picture 3) This is a throwback, but basically the recipe for my go-to outfits at the moment. Boots or sneakers, nice jeans, a printed top and my twill/patent Helmut Lang blazer (link if you want to see all of it). Nothing crazy but add some jewelry and voluminous hair - good to go!

See you soon! Kisses




Today the weather was wonderful and school ended early, so I strolled around town visiting my favorite secondhand/vintage shops. Ended up getting this Topshop dress in O.S.V. on Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde for a fraction of the original price. This dress is totally out of my comfort zone - tons of print! But I think it's super cool and can't wait to get to wear it. Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hi. I hope you're all doing well! 

See you soon, kisses