Part one of my beach essentials are...

1) Good magazines, here Cover, Costume and Vogue. 2) Music - iPod/phone and my white headphones from Urbanears. 3) Good reads -  here HAN by Eva Tind and Beethoven Was One Sixteenth Black by Nadine Gordimer (Actually I didn't love neither of these when I got to read them so no recommendation from here) 4) Notebooks for doodles etc. 5) Lipbalm and hand lotion. 6) A sunhat for some much needed shade. This one is Zadig & Voltaire.

What are some of your beach essentials?

See you soon! Kisses




Yay, I'm back on the blog for good this time. I had an amazing trip to Spain! Spent the last days in beautiful Barcelona where I did some highstreet shopping that I can't wait to show you. More about the trip later though! A big thanks to sweet Benedicte who guest blogged for me while I was gone - she did such a great job, don't you think?

Anyway, I just wanted to check in and say hi - I missed you guys! But I have a lot more up my sleep - outfits, travel-pictures, new ins etc. Also I'm going to Mallorca this Friday where I'll be blogging as well! Stay tuned!

See you soon, kisses - Maja



DSC_6193The time has come, where Maja has returned from Spain. I'm therefore sad to say, that my guest blogging has come to an end. It has been a PLEASURE to blog here. And a big thank you to all you sweet people who have read here the past 10 days. Unfortunately, I don't have a blog, but you are more than welcome to follow me on my instagram; @benedictewildenrath. Bye!





Tee, Iro // Skirt, Isabel Marant Etolie // Boots, BilliBi // Bag, Stella McCartney // Sunglasses, Céline // Bracelet, Balenciaga

A very colorful (haha) and simple outfit.. I was so lucky to switch some clothes for a period of time with my friend Emma! For example the wonderful skirt. xx



Skærmbillede 2014-07-19 kl. 23.21.38

Dreaming my self away to the south again with this outfit. I'm nothing less than in love with the hat, the shoes and the wonderfully colourful bag…

Hugs, Benedicte




Personally, I find room tours some of the most inspirational posts on the blogs I follow. So I thought I'd show you all, my room. I designed and bought the things, right after my family and I moved into this apartment in Copenhagen about two and a half years ago. Above all, I think that a room's structure and elegance has got big influence on the furniture you put into the room. I kind of wanted my room to be nice and elegant - but a bit edgy as well. It's the main reason why I decided to for example put a "heavy" and robust dresser and a clothing rack in contrast to all the transparent things. What I think I love the most is the use of acrylic in (which both the chair, lamp and boxes are herein).

In contrast to the elegant panels I have in a superior way created a contrast around the bed - the sinister painting, the raw nightstand and owl pillow. What do you think about it? Instead of writing where every single thing is from; just leave a comment!




DSC_6065DSC_6052DSC_6058An outfit my sweet friend Emma took of me a while ago in Copenhagen. Tee from Acne, skirt from Moss Copenhagen, boots from Billibi, bracelet and bag from Balenciaga and sunglasses grom Céline. I bought the tee on sale some weeks ago, and I really adore the cute light pink color. What do you think? By the way; stay tuned for a room tour on the blog tomorrow!





I just found this picture on my Tumblr feed that I took last summer. It shows some of my favourite and most necessary things, which are in my bag nearly everyday. 1. Missoni headband: Perfect life saver when you have a bad hair day. Cute and colourful these summer days. 2. Sunglasses: Well do I even have to write something to this? I think we all know the importance of this, when the sun shines. 3. Clean Perfume: I can't go anywhere without a fresh perfume in my bag in the summertime. All the perfumes from clean are so fresh; if you haven't tried Clean perfumes yet - go try it now, you won't regret it. What do you find necessary these summerdays?

Hugs, Benedicte



10529586_10204452015487377_567793932_n(Picture taken from my instagram; @benedictewildenrath)

These Céline sunglasses have been at the top of my "to-buy-list" in nearly a year now. But I didn't really have the money to spent so much money on a pair of sunglasses. So I kept my eyes open on Trendsales, and one day I found these pretty babies exactly as I wanted it to be; Céline Audrey. The sweet lady wanted to sell them quickly because she needed money for a holiday, so I got them for a very good price. And yes, they are big - but I'm in love with the cat-eye sunglasses! I actually find huge sunglasses as a cool and raw detail to a simple outfit. I can therefore call this one of my best buys this summer!

Hugs, Benedicte





I have always craved a Isabel Marant Etolie skirt, but unfortunately it isn't mine yet. I found this skirt on Mango's website a short time ago (LINK), for 99 DKK (which is about 18 dollars). It's excruciatingly cheap for such a pretty skirt - so I bought it in black as well. They kind of remind me of the Isabel Marant ones. I bought the simple tee for the same price. I found the bag on sale in the Stella Mccartney store in Copenhagen two weeks ago, for those who are interested. The pictures are taken in Copenhagen - right now, I am in Champagne in France and heading to Copenhagen on Wednesday again. Hugs, Benedicte